Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Ornament Mosaic

This was a post made last December but I thought I would post it again. These mosaic Christmas ornaments are easy to create and make great gifts.

Christmas ornaments make great Christmas presents especially when they are handmade. Mosaic ornaments are beautiful when done with glass tiles. They reflect light and really twinkle.

Materials Needed:
1 plastic ornament
Glass tiles
Wheeled Cutters
Liquid Nails or silicone adhesive
Grout kit

The plastic ornament can be found at various dollar stores. They are usually covered in a ribbon like material. This can be pulled off easily.

You can choose to use Art Tile Minis or any other tiles. If you use larger tiles they will have to be cut down to smaller sizes to fit around the curves of the ornament.

The adhesive you use depends a lot on the tiles. If the tiles you use are translucent then use silicone. If they are completely opaque then use Liquid Nails. Don't use too much so you don't have glue squishing up around your tiles.

Attach the tiles in whatever design you choose. You will find it easiest to lay the ornament on a towel so it won't roll while working. You will probably have to attach one side of tiles and let these set up before turning the ornament over to do the other side. Always check back to make sure your first tiles didn't slide down.

After the glue has completely set, you will grout as normal. You will need to clean off the hanger part well when clearing the grout. Use cotton swabs or something similar to get it out of the grooves.

These ornaments are heavy but still hang on a tree nicely with no worries of falling off. Whoever receives this as a gift will love and cherish it forever.

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